List of Top Affiliate Software 2023

They have stern vetting procedures to help you find competent, top-rated affiliates who will proactively try to get your brand noticed using quality content and strategic ad placements. Coupled with their CPAPI application, the utilization of these features facilitate precision-driven automation that maximizes ROIs in the long run. Harnessing the power of Sovrn’s various products is not as difficult as you might think. They offer a variety of customizable integration methods that can work across different websites, mobile apps, and desktop apps.

What is the best system for affiliate marketing

This is one of the most significant advantages of affiliate marketing compared to alternative marketing methods such as sponsored posts. The most successful publishers in the affiliate marketing space combine the two to get the best of both worlds. This ebook shows you how to meet customers at each stage of their journey and create compelling content that converts.

How to choose the best affiliate management software?

Should you want to get to learn more about this platform, the vendor has a convenient free trial plan available. Through this, you can get to know its features firsthand at no cost and without commitment. And if you’re a beginner, check if the platform offers relevant tutorials and guides. IDevAffiliate offers both cloud and self-hosting plan options with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Kartra offers more than 20 integrations, including custom integrations.

This software is a favorite of people in customer support jobs because it allows them to process customer replies in seconds instead of minutes. It takes just a few minutes to install on a PC, Mac, or smartphone. Your visitors can then remotely check texts, phone calls, photos, messages, social media posts, and incoming messages on the most popular messaging platforms. Today, the company supplies an expanded range of computer security products, including a ‘Total Protection’ software suite and their own VPN product. Their products carry a huge amount of brand recognition and are dominant solutions in several verticals, i.e., they have no serious competition.

This is why companies that roll out brand marketing strategies to boost their campaigns also look to affiliate marketing for help. CJ Affiliate by Conversant, previously known as Commission Junction, is one of the leading affiliate marketing networks. The company specializes in pay-for-performance programs and offers omnichannel, data-driven, and innovative solutions that connect businesses with customers. ShareASale is an efficient and fast affiliate marketing network that helps both businesses and affiliates with growing their affiliate program and increasing their income. The company also offers real-time tracking and click attribution to boost productivity and efficiency, as well as improve on marketing strategy. Trackdesk redefines all-in-one affiliate management with an intuitive user interface and state-of-the-art marketing tools for all – eCommerce, SaaS, brands, and advertisers.

Formerly known as Linkshare, Rakuten is one of the oldest affiliate networks in the game. Leadpages will sometimes run special offers, such as a $5,000 bonus for affiliates who drive 10+ sales by a given date. All affiliates get access to banners, sidebar images, and social media-friendly links. You also have the option to share a unique link to a free content page rather than a product page. This affiliate program offers attractive income potential — with a monthly payout of over $100,000 to their affiliates, and over $2,000,000 in total affiliate commissions earned so far. The most popular package is Pabbly Plus — a cost-effective bundle of all the Pabbly applications.

Best Online Course Affiliate Programs

The platform makes it simple easy for sellers to promote, list and sell their products, as well as give affiliate marketers some products to promote. Refersion is an all-in-one affiliate and partnership management tool for ecommerce businesses. Easily onboard affiliates, manage campaigns and pay partners natively with PayPal or Refersion’s own payment system. Plus, Refersion deals with your taxes — a pretty big differentiator.

What is the best system for affiliate marketing

Brands and agencies work with Rakuten Advertising to connect with diverse audiences across their digital media properties. Rakuten Group has a vast inventory of members, coupled with proprietary technology and a global publisher network of over 150,000, helping to drive business growth for customers. There’s an intuitive and easy-to-use interface and extensive reporting suite to enable marketers to track and optimize campaign performance in real-time. This is vital to protect you, your affiliates, and your customers from fraud.

What are the benefits of using affiliate software?

Additionally, if you feel like you need auxiliary tools to back your system, they also have a selection of plug-ins to choose from. Impact Partnership Cloud is a streamlined tool for a complex affiliate landscape. Their targeted market goes beyond promotional codes and content affiliations and works to manage business partners, media partners, and social media influencers as well.

  • Quickly and easily set up our all in one affiliate tracking solution.
  • Circlewise also offers unique add-ons not available elsewhere in its partnership hub.
  • Trackdesk redefines all-in-one affiliate management with an intuitive user interface and state-of-the-art marketing tools for all – eCommerce, SaaS, brands, and advertisers.
  • Kartra is an all-in-one online business platform that makes it easier for you to run your business, along with managing and tracking affiliate sales with its built-in affiliate management system.
  • So you should be able to find plenty of musicians who want to sign up and save themselves money on otherwise expensive software tools and samples.
  • Ensure accurate measurement for each impression, click and conversion for proper revenue and payout attribution.

LeadDyno allows brands to create various promotional campaigns like email and newsletter campaigns and share them on social media. Though, it doesn’t feature some essential affiliate features you’d expect, such as affiliate tracking or fraud detection security. The answer is with the help of the right affiliate marketing software that streamlines the entire process. Check these brands out first when you’re thinking of setting up your affiliate program.

Have You Picked An Affiliate Marketing Software for Your Business Yet?

These are governed by the number of affiliate partners you have, which means you end up paying for the capacity you need. While it might not have the same level of growth tools as AffiliateWP, EasyAffiliate is a great option for people looking to set up an affiliate program on WordPress. EasyAffiliate is another solid affiliate tracking software for WordPress. Here are the best affiliate software solutions for WordPress, but for an even deeper look, check out our article on the 10 Best Affiliate Software for WordPress.

To help you narrow down your search for an affiliate marketing software provider, we’ve tracked down some of the best affiliate marketing solutions. They are providers of some of the most advanced image correction software on the planet, with a referral program that converts 6% of site visitors into affiliate sales. This is a great affiliate network to consider affiliate management system if you’re interested in a quick turnover. Their affiliate program offers a regularly updated page builder that’s popular with multiple audiences and pays 50% on each sale referred through your affiliate link. Simply put, it allows you to run your own affiliate programs without having to rely on an affiliate network to track referrals for your business.


To top it all off, it has a feature-rich API that lets it support a wide variety of third-party applications. PayKickstart is a comprehensive shopping cart management solution that offers a slew of best-in-class affiliate management tools. It allows you to build different types of commission programs as well as set up content where affiliate partners can be incentivized. What’s more is it has an at-a-glance reporting feature where you can track pending commissions, refund rates, and general affiliate status quickly.

What is the best system for affiliate marketing

Magix might just be the perfect affiliate program for anyone with a creative audience. Their ‘TextExpander’ product is the best of its type on the market and can appeal to a number of different audiences. This includes every business with a customer base that requires regular and ongoing support.

SaaS affiliate marketing software: LeadDyno

The system will give you access to Merchant panel and your affiliates to the affiliate panel to see their stats and manage their promotion materials. Post Affiliate Pro will automate your entire affiliate program. Another core component of affiliate management is training and development.

The software also allows marketers to segment their ambassadors. Customers include primarily consumer businesses like Zillow, Shinola, Kumon, Eaze, eSalon and Madison Reed. Ultimately, it’s better to build and manage your own affiliate network – making use of affiliate software – rather than going with existing affiliate networks. Software lets you communicate smoothly and nurture close relationships with your affiliates. It also streamlines the entire program from start to finish, including automation, tracking, and rewards.

Affiliate management tips: Building the strongest relationships

A good rule of thumb when you first start is to target a specific, long-tail keyword since they are easier to rank for than generic keywords. Using keyword research tools like Semrush or Google Keyword Planner can help with this process. Whether it’s a YouTube video, blog post, or newsletter, you should aim to produce original, informative content that addresses the audience’s queries or helps them solve a particular issue.

An affiliate marketing platform can boast all of the best affiliate tools and features available. This article will go over what affiliate marketing software is and what makes a great affiliate software platform. Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to drive sales and brand awareness.

But while their service is aimed at a predominantly B2B audience, they also sell individual software licenses. But their focus is still on helping small to medium businesses manage their business accounts. Since then, they’ve expanded their product range and grown to become a leading cloud accounting solution. QuickBooks started out providing accounting software for small to medium-sized business owners with no accounting experience, all the way back in 1983.

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